What is Langar

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This system (langar) was implemented in Sikh temples over 500 years ago. Through initiatives such as National Langar Week (which takes place in either October or November), as well as other projects, Sikhs are hoping to spread the spirit behind the system of langar into the national and international community, so that everyone can benefit from this system of sharing and collaboration. It is something that, until now, has remained within the Sikh community. So, in case you had seen the word langar in the press recently, but weren’t really too sure what it was all about, we thought we’d explain a little about langar and also about seva….


Langar- Community Kitchen

Guru Nanak Dev Ji (1469-1538), the 1st Sikh Guru started the concept of ‘Langar’ or community kitchen. Guru Amardas Ji, the 3rd Sikh Guru, institutionalized this concept of sharing and caring. It is a process where Sikhs share their honest earning to provide food for everyone- rich & poor, high & low, brining all under one umbrella of equality. This is an important and integral part of a Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship)

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