Sikh Population In India 2021-2022 And 2023

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Sikh Population In India 2021-2022 And 2023

India’s Sikh population stands at 20.8 million, which is only 1.72% of the country’s total population. Sikhism is the dominant religion in Punjab, India, where it is followed by 16 million constituting 57.7% of the population, the only Indian state where Sikhism is the majority faith.

Most of the sikhs live in Punjab, a small state in the north region which is the homeland of sikhs. The population of Sikhs in the state of Punjab is 1.6 Crore, which means that 76.82% of the total sikhs of India live in Punjab. This is the only state in the country having majority of population belonging to Sikh community, where sikhs constitute 57.69% of the total population of the state.


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Sikh Population By States

Sikh Population across Indian states 2011
States Percentage (%) Population
Punjab 57.7% 16,004,754
New Delhi 3.4% 570,581
Chandigarh 13.11% 138,329
Haryana 4.91% 1,243,752
Uttrakhand 2.34% 236,340
Rajasthan 1.27% 872,930
Jammu and Kashmir 1.87% 234,848
Himachal Pradesh 1.16% 79,896

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