Sangrand Dates 2021 And 2022

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Sangrand Dates 2021

In this section, the dates of Sangrand in 2021 are given. The weekday and the desi month is also mentioned alongwith the Sangrand date.

Sr. No. Sangrand Date Day of Week Indian Month
1. 14 January Thursday 1 Maagh
2. 12 February Friday 1 Phagan
3. 14 March Sunday 1 Chet
4. 13 April Tuesday 1 Vaisakh
5. 14 May Friday 1 Jeth
6. 15 June Tuesday 1 Harh
7. 16 July Friday 1 Sawan
8. 16 August Monday 1 Bhadon
8. 16 September Thursday 1 Assu
10. 17 October Sunday 1 Kattak
11. 16 November Tuesday 1 Maghar
12. 15 December Wednesday 1 Poh

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