Puranmashi (Purnima) Dates 2021-2022-2023

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Puranmashi (Purnima) Dates 2021-2022-2023

The night of Full Moon is called as Puranmashi (or Punia) in Punjabi and the hindi word for this is Purnima. On this night, moon is visible as full circle and brighter than other days. As this is associated with the rotation of moon around the earth and each cycle takes little more than 29 days, so the day of puranmashi comes after almost 29 days.
The date of Puranmashi in February 2021 is Saturday, 27th February and this is the Magh month puranmashi.
The festival of Ravidas Jayanti is also observed on the puranmashi of Magh month. So the date of Ravidas Jayanti in the current year is 27th Feb 2021. This day is also a govt holiday in Punjab and many other states of India.


The list of Puranmashi dates in the year 2021 is given in the following table.

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