Guru Arjan Dev Ji Biography, Real Name, Birthdate, Death Date, Facts, Quotes And Wallpaper

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Guru Arjan Dev Ji Biography, Real Name, Birthdate, Death Date, Facts, Quotes And Wallpaper

FATHER : Guru Ram Das Ji

MOTHER : Bhani ji

DATE OF BIRTH : 04/15/1563

PLACE OF BIRTH : Govindwal, Amritsar

WIFE : Ganga Ji

CHILDREN : Har Gobind Sahib Ji

AGE, YEAR & TIME AT GUR GADHI : 09/01/1581, 25 year

REGIMES : Akbar & Jahangir

CONTRIBUTION OF BAANIS : Sukhmani Sahib, BarahMaha, Bava Akhri & 2312 Shabads in 30 Raags

AGE : 43

JYOTI-JOT DAY : 05/30/1606


Guru Arjan Dev Ji: was born at Goindwal on April 15,1563, (Vaisakh Vadi 7th, 19th Vaisakh, Samvat 1620 according to Bikrami Calendar). He was the youngest son of Guru Ramdas and Mata Bhani Ji.

Arjan Dev spent 11 years of his early life under the benign grace and tender care of his maternal grandfather, Guru Amardas Ji at Goindwal. This helped the child Arjan dev in understanding and grasping the deep meanings of Gurbani. Here he developed great understanding and love for Gurbani. Guru Amardas Ji commented on young child Arjan by saying” ਦੋਹਿਤਾ ਬਾਣੀ ਕਾ ਬੋਹਿਥਾ” Granchild would “deal with Gurbani in abundance” Or literally meaning that he would be a carrier of Gurbani.


Arjan Dev had two elder brothers, Prithi Chand and Mahadev . Prithi Chand proved to be the most selfish and jealous of Arjan Dev, whereas, Mahadev preferred to remain in utter silence, most of the time.

Guru Ramdas ji founded the town of Ramdas Chak and later known as Ramdas Pur and Arjan Dev was assigned the project by Guru Ramdas ji of building Darbar Sahib and for completing two sacred tanks (pools/Sarowars) at Ramdas Chak, now known by the name of Sri Darbar Sahib and the Sarowar, the Guru completed the construction of Santhokhsar.

In an arranged marriage, Guru Arjan was married to Bibi Ganga, daughter of Krishan Chand, a resident of Meo village near Phillaur in Jalandhar district. The marriage took place in 1589 when he was about 26 years old.

To defend his rights, the Guru embraced martyrdom and died on May 30, 1606, (Bikrami Jeth Sudi 4th, 1st Harh, Samvat 1663).


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