10 Best Unique Facts About Sikhism

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10 Best Unique Facts About Sikhism

● Sikhism was originated in India, over 500 years ago

‘● It is the 5th largest religion in the world

‘● Sikhism has about 30 million followers worldwide..

‘●Sikhism has been originated in Punjab around the end of the 15th century

‘● Sikhs are also living in Canada- America, since 1897

‘● The surnames of Sikhs that are ‘Singh’ and ‘Kaur’ have also a history behind them. ‘Singh’ means LION, and ‘Kaur’ means LIONESS or PRINCESS.

‘● Women were given equal status as men in society. The Sikh Gurus started a system where women did not have to change their last name after marriage.


‘● Guru Granth Sahib Ji comprises entirely of devotional poetry, most of which is set to music.

‘● Sikhism is panentheistic and believes that there is only ONE GOD.

‘● Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism strongly denounces any type of ‘Pakhand’ (Mantra-Tantra or witchcraft). Naam Japo, Kirt Karo, Vand Chhako 🙏

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